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NEW LIVEJOURNAL [01/19/06 5:47pm]
Everyone I am back! I am at  </b></a>

Friends Only [05/23/05 5:47pm]
[ mood | amused ]

 This is my personal journal. I like to know who is reading my thoughts and feelings.

Let me add you first

If your a maker, I love you dearly but please don't comment in this journal comment in Blinking_glitz that is my credit journal.

I don't like Drama take it somewhere else I will bitch you out, it doesn't matter who you are.

Don't like what I have to say oh well tough!


[05/15/05 8:28pm]
 Please join here for cute blinkies, Jenn is down to earth and awsome maker. :-) Please read all of her rules. If you don't believe me look at some of my blinkies.

Friend Cut [04/17/05 1:58pm]

I am sorry about the following people. I had to clean out my journal a bit. I just have way too many on my friends list and felt that since I don't comment enough on their journals I thought it was about time to cut them. I am sorry to the following.











If you want to stay on my friends list please comment asap.

New Rule [03/4/05 7:35am]

Layout by: <lj comm="girlagraphics">


New rule, If your a fucking Bitch don't comment in my journal Its friends only, if you want to be added then I will add you. But if you accuse me of anything, I swear, get off your fucking high horse. Anyways I didn't like the layout. I just needed a temp. The colors are too clashing. Want my fucking god honest answer. I swear people need to get a life. Yeah there is a world that is not livejournal.


Credit for this layout goes to DisneyDesigns.  By shannon, at these she doesn't fucking bitch.



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